Inspired by the Venetian seaside, join us and make “bacan”. In Italy, a bacan iscelebrating with family and friends in the Islands off the shore of Venice. So celebratewith us, Venetian style here in Brooklyn.

The art of Bacan

Just steps from the Manhattan skyline in Williamsburg, Brooklyn emerges Bacan. Restaurant Professionals from industry gems such as June, The Farm on Adderley, and Santa Maria in Rome, Italy, have combined forces to share with you this stunning New York-style bistro.

Bacan serves Italian coffee to-stay or to-go and is open early to late, serving early birds and night owls. Bacan’s menu reflects our deep Venetian and Roman roots and honors the art of Italian dining through our beloved Aperitivo Hour and Venetian Cicchetti.

Enjoy your aperitivo or cicchetti in our butterscotch leather amongst a rustic ambiance surrounded by glowy lighting and vibrant greenery.

Located at 79 Grand St. in Williamsburg, just one block away from Domino Park.

    Stop by Bacàn for aperitivo.

    Enjoy the East River sunset. Cin cin to the experience of aperitivo over natural wines, litebites, and bubbly spritzes’.

    Experience exceptional coffee to stay or to-go.

    Stop in for one of our expertly brewed cups of coffee paired with a vibrant ambiance and warm service.

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